Other Experiences

Boston University

Boston, MA
Jennifer burst into tears when she received the admission letter in her mailbox. Here, she is standing outside Boston University’s College of Communication for the very first time in December 2017.

Boston University’s WTBU Radio

All smiles at WTBU News

Fascinated with radio hosts, Jennifer was part of Boston University’s WTBU Radio, a student-run radio station that one can tune in on 89.3FM or 640AM in Boston.

She was an anchor at WTBU News where she doubles or triple fact-checks local, international, entertainment, and sports news for on-air content every Tuesdays and Thursdays. She was responsible for setting the tone for the weekly show by introducing the top newsworthy topics at the start. Jennifer worked closely with other hosts on the show to produce the show. On the technical side, she has experience handling station equipment, such as operating radio boards, controlling microphones, and patching in landlines to interview guests.

Her favorite part of the show is round-table discussions, often about booming topics or mere casual chats about the hosts’ everyday lives.

Diablo Valley College

Pleasant Hill, CA

English Tutor at DVC Learning Center

Tutor board in Spring 2017.

Having a secret liking for grammar, Jennifer signed up to be an English Tutor at Diablo Valley College where she coached other students independently. She worked on refining their reading and writing skills at a college level.

To ensure her tutees understood the materials presented, Jennifer often came up with creative explanation methods, such as translation (to Mandarin or Bahasa Indonesia if such situations occur) and simplifying (not dumbing-down. There’s a difference, and the latter is condescending).

Jennifer credits her virtue of patience through this job. She fostered strong bonds with her colleagues and created unforgettable memories in the Learning Center with her tutees. It was truly life-changing.

Public Relations/Marketing Officer of Earth Club

Planting kale at Alameda Point Collaborative in November 2017.

As an environmentally-conscious being, Jennifer joined the Earth Club to spread awareness about the simple ways college students can rectify their consequential habits. The volunteer-based organization aims to educate students about the adverse effects of harming mother nature, as well as hosting volunteers.

Jennifer’s role as the club’s Public Relations/Marketing Officer was to promote meetings and events using social media platforms, notably Facebook and Instagram. She also worked closely with other officers to pitch ideas for presentation materials.

The term “Earthlings” was created by Jennifer to refer to Earth Club members.

She managed the club’s Facebook and Instagram accounts from September 20, 2017, until December 08, 2017.

The slideshow below are the Instagram posts Jennifer created for the Earth Club.

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Below are more details of Jennifer’s work for Earth Club on Instagram. 

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Vice-President of the International Students Club

Officers’ outing to Ferry Building, San Francisco in February 2017.

To Jennifer, diversity in the student body is a quintessential aspect of her college experience. Her position as the Vice-President of the International Students Club allowed her to be the voice of the silenced minority.

She worked with the other club Officers to plan a semester’s worth of events. She also collaborated with other organizations on campus to expand the club’s involvement. Jennifer also worked with organizations off-campus to fundraise for club events, notably with Chipotle.

Inter-Club Council of the International Students Club

Team picture after the club’s International Education Day in November 2016.

Utilizing her voice and writing skills, Jennifer worked as a bridge between the club and the Student Government to report club activities.

She pitched events and volunteers, notably the long-awaited 2016 International Education Day. The event required a great deal of negotiation with the Student Government and drafting detailed outlines of the program with the rest of the club Officers. In the end, the club was granted $1,500 and pulled off a successful event through thorough planning.

All photos on this page were taken by others with the exception of the header and the picture of tutor board, which were taken by Jennifer.