Boston Common Magazine

Editorial Intern

Boston Common Magazine is a monthly luxury lifestyle magazine published by Modern Luxury. Check out the magazine’s online content here.

Ask Jennifer what she would like to write about, and her answer will be anything for lifestyle magazines. From food, travel and book reviews, Jennifer enjoys using her distinct voice to promote such subjects.

Her mother’s liking for lifestyle magazine rubbed off on her, prompting Jennifer to indulge in the occasional browse from time to time at an early age. As a teen, she grew up obsessing over her favorite celebrities and often read feature-style articles. Jennifer has since moved on to indulging in profiles written by the New York Times.

Jennifer is currently writing digital pieces and short blurbs. She also spends time brainstorming with her editors about possible topics for the magazine. For a more detailed description of Jennifer’s tasks during her internship at the Boston Common Magazine, please see her LinkedIn account.

Below are Jennifer’s digital contributions to the magazine:

Where to drink in Boston during Super Bowl

Below are Jennifer’s print contributions to the magazine: 

Boston Common Magazine’s April Issue
Modern luxury interiors boston spring issue

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boston common magazine’s May issue