About Jennifer

On paper, Jennifer is currently a junior at Boston University’s College of Communication studying communication studies. She is concurrently an incoming editorial intern at The Boston Common Magazine

Being busy keeps her mind afloat. Jennifer takes pleasure from investing her time in organizations on campus such as Spoon University and the Daily Free Press. She believes in setting time aside to produce the best quality in all that she does, such as crafting a piece of writing or talking to sources on the phone for pertinent details that makes a story shine. Jennifer also works best under pressure. That’s just how her mind works.

She is glad to be pursuing the one skill she loves: writing. Her interest in people and cultures around the world motivated her to minor in sociology. She believes that the world is small with only seven continents but big enough for one to explore endlessly.

Jennifer continues to obsess over the 2018 New York Times post that combines peculiar sounds and captivating images shot across the world. You can experience the immersive work through this link to understand why she’s geeking out over it.

This website compiles most of Jennifer’s professional work and content published for several publications and organizations. If you would like to see more of her work either academically or professionally, please contact her through this link.

Photo taken by Steffi Wijaya.